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Grand Sport
Registry Misc Info of Interest

The following motorsports articles are presented as informative in nature. Enjoy!


The 2017 Formula One Season is Heating Up

The 2017 Formula 1 season got off to a big start in March and has been one great race after another since then. The current season is the 71st for F1 racing - officially called the FIA Formula One World Championship. It is without a doubt the premier type of car racing in the world, and the highest class of racing authorised by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. The races in the F1 season are referred to as Grands Prix and they are held around the world -sometimes on tracks that are constructed specifically for the races and occasionally on public roads. The 2017 season, which kicked off in Australia, will end in November in Abu Dhabi.

Gear Up for Non-Stop F1 Action Over the Summer Months

The summer months will be hot for F1 racing with the June-August schedule shaping up as follows
  • Sunday, 11 June: Grand Prix of Canada
  • Sunday, 25 June: European Grand Prix
  • Sunday, 9: July Austrian Grand Prix
  • Sunday, 16 July: British Grand Prix
  • Sunday, 30 July: Hungarian Grand Prix
  • Sunday, 27 August: Grand Prix of Belgium
Ahead of the 2017 season the FIA returned the old louder and more-powerful engines to the track; part of the reason for this shift is that fans who equate noise with excitement have been missing the throaty rumble of the regularly aspirated engines. The "new" powerful engines will level the playing field, so to speak, as all engines will have the identical (and less expensive) specs and, in theory, no manufacturer will have the edge. More affordable engines could mean more competitors throwing their hats into the ring, which could raise the excitement level, as well as the overall quality of the sport.

Another bit of exciting news for racing fans is that Robert Kubica - the Polish driver who was gravely injured in 2011 - has been testing F1 cars, seemingly getting ready to race again. He was spotted driving laps in a Renault Lotus E20, and although the test was meant to be private, the news caught on and ignited the imagination and hopes of Kubica's many fans. In 2008, Kubica became the first Polish drive to win an F1 race when he finished first in the BMW-Sauber in Canada. Followers of the sport were shocked and saddened when Kubica was involved in the gruesome 2011 accident and his return would be a relief for all. Click here for the latest Forumula One racing news.

Formula 1 Betting is Easy Online

One of the aspects that make Formula 1 racing so exciting has always been the betting, and placing a wager online is by far the easiest way to back your favourite driver or team. Do you love Formula 1? Check William Hill's betting markets here! All the upcoming races are covered online, where you'll also find great odds, helpful information, and useful advice. As the hot months of the summer keep us all simmering, there's nothing like a day at the races - even if you choose to follow the action from afar - to keep everyone happy.

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